Jam with Theo -- banging drums, strumming bass, and making up nonsense about Wanda Vision!
Song inspired by Hoda The Dog lounging about in the living room sun!
Here you can play all the music I've written or been involved with in one lovely place. Also check out my Music Gear and Setup!
A delightful song about that one shoe you can't seem to find!
I made this by sampling some random Jazz, looping it, and layering in some drums and effects -- all using my fun Pocket Operator PO-33!
(Cats Dominate Our Lives Too Much)
Un-Mixed: (download)
I've been exploring the world of Open Source Music Production! Here I detail my setup.
Listen: (download)
Listen: (download)
Listen: (download)
Listen (acoustic draft): (download)
Listen: (download)
Written and performed by Brock Wilcox and Jason Woys
Lyrics by Brock Wilcox. Performance and music composition by Brock Wilcox, Elizabeth Mastry, Jason Woys, Erik Summerfield (at least!).
Written and performed by Brock Wilcox and Jason Woys.
Songwriting: Jason Woys and Brock Wilcox Guitar: Jason Woys Vocals: Jason Woys and Brock Wilcox
I like caffeine From my favorite bean Makes me want to sing I like caffeine
Recorded March 27 with Liz on guitar: zombielove.ogg