It Takes All Sorts

Created 2014-04-21 / Edited 2015-02-21

Songwriting: Jason Woys and Brock Wilcox
Guitar: Jason Woys
Vocals: Jason Woys and Brock Wilcox

Verses: G E C G
Chorus: A C G E D C G E

(verse 1)
A man walks in the door
Says my name is George
I got a big time offer for you
Ain't got nothin to lose

Just a little bit up front,
I'll double it each month,
Simple as a song,
What could go wrong?

Cause that's our lot
Cause that's our lot
It's simple til it's not
It's simple til it's not
It's simple til it's not
My favorite retort
It takes all sorts (x7)

(verse 2)
Saw a girl standing there,
Going by the name of Cher,
Telling me my life needs more,
And about her cult du jour

All you need to be happy,
Is to get rid of everything,
But before you do,
Could you buy a trinket or two?


(verse 3)
Passing by, saw something odd,
An old man named Brother Todd,
Warning of the world's demise,
Preaching the End Is Nigh,

Been standing on the same corner,
Since Nineteen Eighty Four,
Eventually he may be right,
The world's gotta end sometime.