Created 2006-02-24 / Edited 2006-02-24

I've Blogified my site! Probably needs some tuning yet, but now when you go the the front-page you get a very blog-oriented view of things. My rough plan is to do what adam mentioned in an offhanded remark -- turn some things which I might ordinarily put into wiki pages into blog entries, and do some editing.

So I'll probably be doing some fine-tuning.

Speaking of which, I've done some slight touch-ups on the Phoenix.PM website. Looks quite a bit better already, and I'll add some more things soon. I haven't heard back from Ticketmaster about doing a presentation for us; I contacted them on Tuesday and expected to hear back by Wednesday, but no such luck.

Monday I go to SLC for work, listening in on a meeting full of important people. Specifically monitoring the conversation to learn about secret web site and web application requirements that nobody knows to tell me about.