W4/6 D3/5

Created 2024-04-17 / Edited 2024-04-17

In-Hub, LLM + Sonic Pi, dash of docker-compose

  • General Status:
    • Went into the Hub
    • Worked in the morning on Human Essentials a bit, but quickly switched to chatting with folks locally
    • Paired with SL to set up some docker-compose fun
    • Paired with SW on trying to mash up LLM (datasette) with Sonic PI! We ... didn't get it to work. But SW says they got something going via a CLI interface to Sonic!
  • Nerd Snipe:
    • When I was chatting with SL yesterday I realized that my Unison Powered Backups can error out without me knowing
    • Well I've always KNOWN this, but I ignore it because it works pretty much all the time. Still ... it had failed the night before...
    • So I made a wrapper that will do a system notification when it fails
    • Now I've got it running hourly. When it works it pops up a "backup complete" notification that goes away after a few seconds, and when it fails it pops up a "BACKUP FAILED" that won't go away until I click
    • Now I have to decide what I want it to tell me about no-internet situations. hm.
    • I just noticed that my original writeup of this backup structure was written in 2006!!!! That's pretty good sustainability on a backup solution :)
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project:
    • RC has a tiny "community cluster", which has to machines with small GPUs!
    • I got access to that yesterday, so I played with that a bit on the token-tree, got it working! Def faster than the local CPU. I wouldn't be surprised if a mac Mx processor was similar