W4/6 D2/5

Created 2024-04-16 / Edited 2024-04-16

In-Hub, LLM Club, Mediapipe, Coffee Project, docker-compose

  • General Status:
    • Went into the hub! So great to see and interact IRL
    • Applied LLM Club we played with a large JSON dataset; works pretty easy to use the ChatGPT UI and upload the whole file, but we didn't find an obvious way to do the same thing on the API. Maybe something with their Assistants concept
    • I went over to Coffee Project, pretty delicious
    • Played with Mediapipe, android AI/media lib from Google, with JH. But the bleeding edge software was ... not working
    • Showed SL some of how I set up with docker-compose, including nginx running in docker with the rest of it
    • I worked on some Human Essentials, really need to wrap that :)
  • Nerd Snipe:
    • TIL: I am using Alacritty, and you can apparently hit ctrl+shift+b to search backwards up through your scrollback!
    • I upgraded Nuxt to the latest for my static site ... and it now (correctly) gets mad about some internal broken links. But I couldn't find/fix them all so I turned that safety feature off hah
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project: