W4/6 D1/5

Created 2024-04-15 / Edited 2024-04-15

Website updates to break insulation, bit of Human Essentials

  • General Status:
    • I think I'll go Virtual today and go into the Hub tomorrow (though I keep going back and forth)
    • Decided to beak my own insulation a bit, cross-posted all of these checkins to my own website
    • We went to a few bookstores over the weekend! I got Adrian Tchaikovsky, Eyes of the Void, Book II of The Final Architects Series. Betsy told me years and years ago to check out Tchaikovsky and boy was she right! I'm chewing through the catalog. Beth isn't into him as much, so YMMV
    • I know I'm feeling better because I'm feeling very wordy today haha
    • Also picked up Patrick house, Nineteen Ways of Looking at Consciousness and Daniel C. Dennett, I've Been Thinking
    • Both are interesting. Thinking about consciousness, Agency, all that is a thing I enjoy. Dennett is often too aggressive, but I'm strongly aligned with his core ideas
    • Today I need to do a bit more on Human Essentials too. Had a good meeting with the team yesterday and there are only a few small things to get done on Dashboard for it to be mergeable
  • Nerd Snipe:
    • Backdating blog entries and adding tags wasn't easy. So I updated my new-blog command wrapper with a few new options :)
    • I'm using the Commander CLI helper along with ts-node for this. So my script starts with #!/usr/bin/env ts-node and contains Typescript
    • I can never remember where my blog command really lives, but vim $(which blog) works great :)
    • At some point recently I upgraded to Taskwarrior 3.0 which includes having to do an export of tasks from the old version BEFORE you install the new version. I got that taken care of before my OS does it for me
    • I started to help the Taskwarrior peeps out by making a perl script that translates their legacy .data format directly into JSON so you could do the extract even after the upgrade .... but my data is migrated now and works fine so I lost momentum
    • On my blog, I might make a few more formatting tweaks. I will at some point use NuxtImage to render the thumbnails for things .... right now it is actually the full sized image downloaded and then scaled by the browser. People have a lot of bandwidth now, right? They're not that big anyway
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project:
    • Still no direct reply from the maintainers, but I'm going to keep jamming