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Created 2024-04-04 / Edited 2024-04-04

Pairing, unicode tokens, graphviz bling

Unicode token tree with Chinese

  • General Status:
    • Starting to get into the hub-vibe a bit more, love it. Starting to actually remember individuals better! I'm so bad with names, but will keep asking over and over until I get it :)
    • I got to show the token-tree thing to a few individuals and then presented at the big session, very fun
    • Still having wayland/sway + zoom issues :( . Weird color inversion, floating-vs-non-floating-windows, etc. But I'm sticking with it. Hard to switch after like 15 years of xmonad (and like 25 years of X11 heh), but it's at like 99.9% so can't stop now
    • Shout out again to O who helped me sort out some caching issues that was slowing down CPU token generation. Making it fast-enough has been really helpful
    • Will be Virtual RC tomorrow (Friday), gotta do some errands and prep for a friend-visit over the weekend
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project:
    • Working on wrapping up token-visualization
    • Paired with Q, sorted out some escaping and unicode things
    • Added a bit of bling shadows and scaling (styling SVG with CSS is fun!)
    • Got incremental streaming of updates, background threading of the processing, and interruptability
    • Going to now switch over to Alloy; do some tutorials and toy models, build a few by-hand models of real world apps (Human Essentials Rails)
    • Somewhat of a pure-research project, so I'll go with where it takes me. But I am feeling the time-pressure a bit, and am hungry for artifacts to show off in the end. We'll see what comes next :)