W2/6 D1/5

Created 2024-04-01 / Edited 2024-04-01

Lunch table with Humans!

  • General Status:
    • Morning
      • I find updating the week indicator on this checkin is already upsetting
      • I'm heading into The Hub today!
      • Going to see if I can do some IRL pairing
      • I need to work on some Human Essentials today, Wednesday is a stakeholder meeting
    • Evening
      • I had a delightful time sitting at the lunch table and chat chat chatting with peeps
      • HCI session was very interesting, with lots of discussion on Agency (which of course I'm very into)
      • Failed to do any IRL pairing, will try harder tomorrow!
  • Nerd Snipe:
    • Played with sov a bit, might use it to visualize virtual desktops. But maybe not
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project:
    • I might want to actually really look at LangChain
    • I have all the tools for a tree-of-tokens working (albeit slowly), so now working on traversing that to turn it into some visualizations