W1/6 D2/5

Created 2024-03-26 / Edited 2024-03-26

Pairing, Merging

  • General Status:
    • Attended the Pairing Workshop! Paired in RubyLand
    • Spent some time merging PRs for Human Essentials
    • Attended ML-applied and then AI/ML safety and interpretability meetings
      • Definite overlap with my interests/projects, though some of the plan there is to go intensely and deeply on some curriculum; I think I'll track but not directly participate
    • On-site tomorrow, I'm psyched :)
  • Nerd Snipes:
    • Spent some more time in sway. Messing with keybindings and multi-monitor setup. Alllll coming together now! I think I'm switched over. Except for some weird things in Zoom. hmmmmm.
    • My fonts are small, esp in firefox. Annoying. So I googled and learned that I can try setting layout.css.devPixelsPerPx to something bigger. I go in there... and it is set to 0.75!!! I changed it to the default and everything is already much better haha