W1/6 D1/5

Created 2024-03-25 / Edited 2024-03-25

First day of RC!

  • General Status:
    • First day of RC! Virtual today (everyone)
    • Participated in the two onboarding meetings, starting to get a feel for my new friends. TONS of inspirational people and ideas, lots of things to share and explore :)
    • I'm looking to getting IRL on Wednesday
    • Also looking forward to Creative Coding exercises and .... just doing some whimsical things!
  • Nerd Snipe: Every 6 months or so I try to switch from xmonad to wayland+sway. Yesterday I tried again and actually made a ton of progress and I think crossed over the usability line. The biggest thing that I kept having issues with was screen-sharing, but I think I found the right incantation at last. So .... now the tricky bit where I have like 15 years of xmonad gradual adaptations that I've done and I have to decide which to keep, which to abandon .... and also how nerd-sniped I am willing to be for working on those adaptations :)
  • Alloy+LLM+Rails Project: I have been pre-gaming a bit, so have a large zotero backlog of interesting papers to read through and take some notes on. I also am going to work through a few Alloy experiments to both get my fingers remembering how it works and also learn the new temporal logic stuff they added recently. Next up I want to manually extract some alloy models from code-bases to think out the different types of models (DB Schema, API, Rails Models, etc) and maybe use that to build up some examples for The Machine (LLMs).
  • Good: For the Human Essentials project, I have several open tickets. I'm going to spend the last hour of the day (now) working on that!
  • Ideas/Other:
    • Formal Methods interest group?
    • LLM interest group?
    • Several people were interested in doing some Good; Once I'm settled in I'll declare open invite for pairing on Human Essentials and see what I can join others on. I really want to get Github Codespaces set up for easier onboarding, hmmm