Getting Ready To Recurse

Created 2024-03-23 / Edited 2024-03-23

Packing up for my 6-week batch at the Recurse Center.

Blooming trees and forking path in Kalorama Park Blooming trees and forking path in Kalorama Park


Unfortunately Beth caught the cold that I caught from my niece, and that's thrown us off a bit. But I'm packing today (Saturday) and we'll head up tomorrow (Sunday). Got our apartment there all lined up and now it's really the process of deciding what goes with us.

I've been chatting with my physical books, asking each of them what they think. Most all of them very loudly say "TAKE ME! TAKE ME!", and I have to reason with them a bit. Will I really read you? Can I get the same information electronically? Maybe I can read you when I get back? And so on. There are certainly some minor protests but we've narrowed it down to .... I don't know like eight or so books to take. Hah!

Then there are the electronics, wires, and other misc tool/toys to chat with. Mostly I'm not bringing recording equipment -- if I suddenly start creating music then laptop and phone mics will be fine. I will take the monome-grid, but I'll run it off of the computer instead of taking the norns, using seamstress for the host lua environment. Do I take the projector? There is a TV there but it is tiny. Hmmmmm. Beth'll probably veto that one when she awakens.


There are all sorts of things to do in Brooklyn and the overall NYC area. We're going to walk around a lot, get a feel for the place. We'll also do some standards like the Bronx Zoo. Maybe I should sign up for another animal-encounter. I'll get us to try some other things like Sleep No More. Tons more on the possible list.


The internal chat (Zulip) at the Recurse Center is overwhelming and inspiring with both main projects and side-missions. Part of the trick is going to be documentiong, prioritizing, documenting, all of these various ideas. For the Main Project, I am still feeling great about the Alloy+LLM+Rails core, with explorations in different directions for each of the components. I might bring in some PlantUML type things ... I see people saying that they use Alloy to explore ideas, and I use PlantUML to explore ideas .... so maybe those types of exploration can join forces.

One of the side things that I'm still interested in is in visualizing the probability tree for LLMs. Like show the raw stream so far and then the tree of next-tokens. Ideally you can then click through or flow through to see what different paths might look like.