Recurse Setup

Created 2024-01-31 / Edited 2024-02-04

I'm attending a 6-week retreat at Recurse Center! This will go from March 25 - May 3. So ... gotta get set up!

A robot making lists

The Basics

The main thing on my mind has been -- what will I do while I'm there? But of course when I think of anything that I might do there are still a bunch of other setup things to do.

First off is logistics. RC is in NYC (Brooklyn) and attendees can be virtual or in-person. I really want to be in-person, so I found a 6-week rental not too far away. Then Beth and Hoda and I can stay there the whole time if we are comfortable. We'll drive our household up, and drive it back as needed.

I have the time off work as an Official Sabbatical, so that's pretty awesome. Thanks Framebridge! They pay me by the year not by the hour, so it all comes out even anyway.

The Other Stuff

I'm updating or brushing off all of these.

  • TaskWarrior
  • Lask logger wrapper
  • Zotero
  • Blog software
  • A nice empty project folder :)

The Hard Part

And then there is ... figuring out what I'm going to do. Over the last few months I've been slowly writing all of my ideas down, making mind-maps, making notes. From this I've started to get a feel for which things are exciting me the most and which things have the most potential for a deep dive.

A big one for sure is pretty much anything related to LLMs. Since that covers a lot of ground, it has turned into more what-can-I-mashup with LLMs.

So ... I'm slowly spiraling toward some core themes. LLMs. Dev tooling. Making CS Formal Methods accessible or practical.

Most recently this has unified as: LLM+Alloy+Rails.