RPM 2023 My Little Dog

Created 2023-02-04 / Edited 2023-02-04

Initial attempt at My Little Dog, part of the 2023 RPM Challenge

I did a voice recording of this in April 2022, noodling around on the mandolin and singing to Hoda while she (quite obviously from the lyrics) lay basking in the sun. Here is the voice recording:


Today I re-worked-out the simple chords and some cleaned up lyrics. Here is the work-in-progress:


The lyrics aren't quite right here, so I'm definitely re-recording that. The mandolin is good-enough.... but I think there could be a bit more of a musical section or two with some other strumming or picking patterns. Still.... the challenge is to record 10 songs, so worse case this version could be song-number-one!