Link Roundup

Created 2018-07-23 / Edited 2018-07-23
  • Is Google Making Us Stupid?
    • I have a big stack of books that I've made ... fairly little progress on
    • Maybe the internet is eating my brain!
    • So now I will post links and bullets
  • Base-4 fractions in Telugu
    • Interesting explanation of the traditional Telugu fraction numbering. Also draws comparison to the traditional English measures
  • Git remote branches and Git's missing terminology
    • Presents a better understanding of git remote branches, highlighting that to really comprehend what's going on you must acknowledge the implicit local branch that is your cache of the upstream (such as origin/master)
    • I'm a little worried that I'm going to end up linking half of MJD's blog posts. Oh well, they are great. Example, /dev/null Follies has a hilarious nerdy punchline.