Overtone Adventures 3

Created 2013-12-25 / Edited 2015-10-18

Tags: Clojure, Overtone, Music

Good progress today -- I made a hack to get around that BUNCHES of midi issue. Needed that because when I would hit a single note on my jack-keyboard (virtual midi keyboard), I got a whole bunch of events. I'm guessing I was getting 64 of them.

I also got Overtone Vim Integration working. Well technically I already had it working (had fireplace.vim installed, etc), I just didn't know it. Now I can start up the REPL in one terminal and start up vim in another. In vim do ":Require" and it finds the running REPL and hooks into it. I also added "nnoremap (stop)" to my .vimrc, so that I can jam on F1 to make the noise stop.

Here is the file I've got now:

(ns noise.core)
(use 'overtone.live)
(use 'overtone.inst.piano)

(on-event [:midi :note-on]
  (fn [e]
    (let [note (:note e)
          vel  (:velocity e)
          device-name (:name (:device e))]
      (if (= "VirMIDI [hw:1,0,1]" device-name)
        (piano note vel)

So that takes midi events specifically from that device (I picked one of my 64 virtual devices at random, seems to work) piped to the piano instrument. Next I'm going to make a new instrument of my own and hook that in!