PPW 2011 Wrap-Up

Created 2011-10-11 / Edited 2011-10-16

Tags: Perl, PPW, Conference

This weekend I attended PPW2011 - I think this is my 3rd PPW, and my fourth perl conference in Pittsburgh (YAPC::NA 2009 was there).

The theme this year was "DevOps", and I think maybe that was not quite to my taste (though does seem practical). I like talks that push my understanding and stretch my mind, whereas the talks tended toward solid best practices for corporate environments. I gave a talk on debugging, and I even feel that my own talk went that way a bit :)

Favorite talks:

That last one was a set of mini-talks by Mark-Jason Dominus, which included one of my all-time favorites, Debugging the de Bruijn Sequence. Highly recommended!