DC Perl Mongers Rakudo Star Pizza Party

Created 2010-09-03 / Edited 2010-09-03

We're starting our usual monthly DC Perl Mongers meeting a bit early this Tuesday (September 7th) to have a little pizza and celebrate Rakudo-Star! Arrive at 6:30pm at the Starbucks at 18th and K Street NW (call me, Brock, if you miss us and need to be let in, number on the website) if you want food. But feel free to wander in any time thereafter, we usually stay as late as 10:00pm. We'll swoop down and look for people at the normal 7:30pm time too :)

Other activities:

  • Bring your laptop!
  • Installing Rakudo-Star
  • Giving hands-on tutorials
  • Beginner and Advanced welcome!
  • Never been to DC.pm before? No problem, come have some free pizza!

Please put your name on http://dc.pm.org/Rakudo-Star_Party (or email the mailing list, which can be found at http://dc.pm.org/) so we know how much food to get.

If you have any questions, email the list or me directly -- awwaiid@gmail.com will do :)

About Rakudo Star: "Rakudo Star" is a useful and usable distribution of Perl 6. Current releases are aimed at "early adopters" of Perl 6. We can tell you ALL about it when you arrive :)