Chinese Spam

Created 2010-08-15 / Edited 2010-08-15

Ever since I got my terminals and mutt all working well with international characters, I've been fascinated by the Chinese spam I get. First of all it looks neat to see in a terminal. But sometimes I throw it into google translate just to see what it is I'm getting spammed about, and every now and then it's mildly interesting. Take this for example:


Which translates (probably very poorly since it is machine translation, but good enough for bloggin') to:

Either a management performance can be produced, first of all are the original in an advanced management concept. The possession of any advanced Management philosophy that it must have a suitable management model as a carrier. People seem very willing to accept advanced ideas And good at the most to spread at an alarming rate. But people in the course of practice the results obtained is mixed. On Like Toyota's lean philosophy had already spread throughout the world as the world has never been able to replicate the second "Toyota." Is this why? Although the main reason is that people have accepted the new idea, but not able to find its essence Lies. Therefore will not be able to design a management model for their own needs as a carrier.

As someone who has been involved with companies who adopt Lean-like philosophies, I couldn't agree more!