Pittsburgh Perl Workshop Review

Created 2007-10-16 / Edited 2007-11-28

This last weekend was the 2007 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop, where I gave a talk on Continuity. Though it was my first Perl conference, going to other nerd events had prepared me for what it would be like. Even so I thought it was fantastic -- you just gotta love those Perl People!

I talked to several people about Continuity, so hopefully I'll be getting some regular users and feedback. I found a bug in the most recent release, and have decided to roll back the installer... so I need to get another release out there.

One fun thing is an improvement I made to the Continuity wiki - I got the wiki-to-darcs (both-way) gateway going. I knows specifically about POD rendering , so it looks good as a webpage. See the Continuity::Mapper page as an example. If you edit the page, the cnage actually gets checked into darcs and then I can choose to pull it into my main branch. I still need to create a cron job to keep it up-to-date, but otherwise it seems to work swimingly.

So now I don't have to have my documentation in two different places!