Chomping and Editing

Created 2007-07-15 / Edited 2007-07-15

Just posted the sketch for two new Projects. The first is Chompie, which I've actually got a proof-of-concept going for. It chops up your program until it is as small as it'll go while still passing (or failing!) some test. The idea is to help debugging, for example -- it could spit out the exact code that fails some test in a specific way.

The second is the one I'm more excited about as far as an actual impact on my life -- Oddmuse Editfile is a simple oddmuse plugin which will let me, among other things, put some of my source code directly into wikiland. Changes from the wiki will be checked into darcs for review. It is documentation-centric, so that I can put things into POD and they'll show up nice and neat on my wikis.

This weekend is the ICFP Contest 2007! Jason Woys and I will be doing it, with some others maybe dropping in. They've got a pretty good teaser going on in the blog linked to from looks like it's going to be super fun :)

I even took the day off Friday.