Cheap Camera and Kitties

Created 2007-03-18 / Edited 2007-03-18

While at Walgreens I spotted a super cheap USB digital camera (I was supposed to be buying something else) and I couldn't resist... so I am now the proud owner of a 16mb camera! It is one of those keychain things, though I'm probably going to remove the keychain mount.

I haven't mentioned them before, but Beth and I now have two cats, Mia and Miko. Mia is 2 years old, and Miko is 7-months (pictured here pertched in the window). Both are interesting kitties, pretty vocal and active. We got Mia at Christmas to keep the bunny entertained, but when the bunny died (and after we got over the initial sadness) we bought Miko to keep Mia company. You can tell that we're new cat owners... because we thought they'd be instant pals. Dropping the box filled with Miko in the middle of the room and opening the lid resulted in instant hissing and running rather than instant friendship... but after a week or two they tolerated each other and after a month they now play and groom together.

When I'm programming (I work from home a day or two each week) the cats love to hang out with me in the labratory. Mia will sometimes get in my lap, but mostly sleeps on Beth's desk. Miko, on the other hand, gets on my lap or on the back of my chair and then uses my arms as balancing beams to get to what she must imagine is super fun -- the keyboard. She only seems to like it because I am touching it and, more importantly, because that is where my hands are and therefore where she can be to be petted.

Miko is not a very good programmer.

Vim, my editor of choice, happens to bind just about every single key on the keyboard to some devestating editor feature -- dGwq and half my program is gone :)

I've always thought that these entries needed more photos. So maybe I'll be able to get a few using this camera. I can take 20 at a time like the above -- high resolution mode! Someday I'll actually go buy a real camera instead of borrowing other people's all the time... they're getting so cheap now for a good quality.