Oddmuse Module Tinkering

Created 2006-11-19 / Edited 2006-11-19

Tags: Oddmuse, Wiki, Blog, Tags

While looking at the Chicago Hackation wiki I noticed that they had this lovely sidebar which listed the incoming-links for a page. That seemd pretty cool, so I created the Oddmuse Ref Links module which does just that in the Oddmuse sidebar. Seems nice for visitors (or even myself) to get a more structured view of the pages, or at least the immediate neighborhood of pages.

That worked well on my wiki pages, but didn't do much for my blog-like pages (such as this one). So I stopped putting it off and implemented an Oddmuse Search Tags module. Now I include a line of tags on any page, and each tag is turned into a link that searches for other pages with the same tag. Very straightforward and minimal implementation of tagging, I say.

Just a few more features and it might be hard to tell that this isn't Just Another Blog!