Tempe Alien Landing Base Construction

Created 2006-10-21 / Edited 2006-10-21

The City of Tempe seems to do a good job of keeping the town a thriving place, full of interesting events and sites. They have an advantage with the main ASU campus bringing lots of active youth -- but they like to push the envelope by doing things like daming the dried salt river and re-filling it to make their very own Teme Town Lake.

Right off the lake they've been building (or at least, they must have signed the permit) a very large and pointy building:

... which I can only imagine is a giant alien transit facility. The City, after consulting with a panel of futurist experts, declaired "We, for one, welcome our alien overlord tourists." At leat that's what I thought. Beth thought it was some sort of giant slaughter-house. Perhaps, I reply, to slaughter the alien invaders!

Alas, I finally get around to looking it up, and it seems to be nothing more than the new Tempe Center for the Arts. Art gallery, meeting area, and the main event -- a giant theatre.

Because even giant alien overlords need art!