A week spent coughing, writing Java, and watching Andor. First World Problems hah. Not bad in the scheme of things! :)
Virtual errands, GPU token generation. Oh right, Alloy
Pairing, unicode tokens, graphviz bling
Pairing, learning about LLM KV-caching
Applied LLM Demos; basic token output visualization with graphviz
Llamas, Pythons, Coffee, and Sway
Some notes and thoughts on Peter Kriens' video, as posted on the Alloy Discourse
Fuzzy brained, but starting to figure this thing out.
Packing up for my 6-week batch at the Recurse Center.
I'm attending The Recurse Center for 6 weeks from March 25 - May 3.
Sharing some thoughts on my Recurse Center project, exploring how to bring Alloy or similar tools into the Day Job.
I'm attending a 6-week retreat at Recurse Center! This will go from March 25 - May 3. So ... gotta get set up!