Created 2024-07-06 / Edited 2024-07-06


I use Feedly to subscribe to a bunch of websites and blogs and such. When I see something that is interesting I tag it and bag it. Here is the link:

Recent Shares


  • Cool stuff: Things I think ... you know ... cool
  • Inline dev tools: I'm interested in developer tooling that is integrated into the application itself, or can be used for interactive testing, or things like binding.pry that can be dropped inline
  • ML/AI: Things that I find interesting in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Music & Art Making: Usually overlapping with code, but not necessarily
  • Organization, Process, Task&Time: Pomodoros?!
  • Programming learning: I like to learn about learning and teaching
  • WASM Event Horizon: The rise of WebAssembly is fascinating ... it is a new target platform on top of everything and may bring my desired "cross-language module re-use" into a practical realm. Be the JVM. Or something.
  • Blog Inspiration: Things that inspire me to write, in theory
  • Recurse: Stuff related to the Recurse Center

Tech Note

Feedly is a bit evil and doesn't give rss feeds for "boards" aka tags of my articles. So I bounce it through zapier and then through a nuxt route to get it to the above link. FUN!