Created 2015-10-18 / Edited 2015-10-18

Pinpoint is some pretty fun slide software that I like. Homepage:

My Slide Software Criteria

  • Mostly-live edit, ideally in vim
  • Simple markup, ideally diffable
  • Big word centered in screen by default
  • Not too ugly
  • Export to PDF
  • Open-source, duh. Ideally via apt-get

Pinpoint additionally has:

  • Associate/run a command for the current slide
  • Presenter mode (though I don't use this often)
  • Easy drop in videos
  • Can record the time to help pace the presentation

Pinpoint workflow:

  • Copy over a simple .pin file to start along with my boring blue fade background
  • Start pinpoint
  • Edit file. Saves jump to the first-edited-slide
  • Before I present, use pinpoint -o to export a PDF and email it to myself
  • Practice practice practice!

There are quite a few setups that meet all these nowadays. But I like pinpoint anyway :)