Knit Some Shit

Created 2015-06-14 / Edited 2015-06-14

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Artists: Elizabeth Woys and Brock Wilcox
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A, D, A E, (A, D, E)


verse 1
Come on people, come gather round,
Gonna play you a great new sound,
A sound that's happy, this is it!
A sound for singing, while you knit.

Now get your needles, get your yarn,
If you're creating, well, you'll do no harm,
Pick a pattern, you can follow it through,
Or start a million projects, just like I do.

Knit, knit, knit some shit!
Knit, knit, knit some shit!
Knit, knit, knit some shit!
We've got a knitting song, and this is it!

verse 2
Craft me a sweater, or knit me a glove,
It don't matter, if it's made with love,
Knit me a scarf, knit me a hat,
Knit me some socks for my kitty cat,

Knit me a car, knit me a job,
Knit a million dollars and I won't have to rob,
Knit me a war, knit me some love,
Knit me into hell and to heaven above,


bridge - E, D, ..., A, D, E, A
You can make it out of superwash, cotton, or merino,
You can make it from a worsted or a lacy super fino,
You can knit it English Style, or you can knit it Continental,

Stitch markers and a lifeline, to keep from going mental,
You can knit it in a parking lot, or on some public transit,
The only thing that matters is to knit knit knit some shit!