Immaterial Things

Created 2008-03-30 / Edited 2015-08-16

Written and performed by Brock Wilcox and Jason Woys.

Please share, copy, and modify, under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA)!


Em6 Cm G Em6 F# A -- Bridge E A E A E B A E

Last night I walked
To the store
Saw something peculiar
On the corner
Standing there naked
Wearing all her clothes
I asked her if she knew I could see her soul


She said
I get that a lot
I wear it under my sleeve
You're creepin me out, mister
Why don't you leave?
Why so bothered by immaterial things?

Now I wonder
Could she be right?
Should I reconsider
How I live my life,
Looking at people
With objectivity,
I asked her what's wrong with transparency


So I left
Made my way home
Turned on the TV
Watched the world alone
And it occurred to me
That reality
Is just a buzzword for immaterial things


Why so bothered by immaterial things?