Frog Prince

Created 2014-04-26 / Edited 2015-08-16

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Songwriting: Brock Wilcox
Artists: Elizabeth Woys and Brock Wilcox
Copy and Share: under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license!


I uploaded this to ccMixter and some people actually remixed it!



All the young ladies gather 'round gather 'round
Wanna piece of me 'cause they wanna wear the crown
But it's gotta be true for a kiss to set me free
Just one pretty lady can rule the world with me

Some witch said that I was rude and I was vain
Turned me green and slimy 'til a kiss'll lift my shame
So I gotta taste every river every stream
Only way I'll find her and awaken from my dream

So kiss me girl 'cause I'm a prince
I'm a frog prince I'm a prince
Kiss me girl 'cause I'm a prince
I'm a frog prince I'm a prince


Girls aren't as dumb as you think
Shiny bling don't make us leap
Into your arms just for the night
What makes you think you're Mr. Right?

You players, you're all the same
Think you can win your game
Know that you can't fool me
With your froggy fantasy

See I don't want your crown,
Don't wanna mess around,
You better hit the road
You ain't nothing but an ugly toad