Call On Borbyu

Created 2011-08-31 / Edited 2015-06-14

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Artists: Elizabeth Woys and Brock Wilcox
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We wrote this song for Jason's birthday!


There once was a man
Made of fire and ice
He traveled the land
Sought heads for a price

He’d come from afar
And soon slay the beast
A poor tortured town
Then threw him a feast

From realm to realm
They knew what to do
In times of need
Call on Borbyu!

A secluded isle
Far out on the sea
Was stricken with hunger,
Disease, poverty

But worse than all this
Their mightiest foe
A dragon, my friends,
Such strength unknown


The wings of a demon
And scales made of steel
The chill of his screams
In the bones you could feel

In all of this world
None were his best
The perfect end
To a perfect quest


When Borbyu arrived
The towns people cheered
Then suddenly the dragon
From nowhere appeared

He swooped down and fire
Rained over the town
His first blow fell strong
The slayer was down


Slowly he rose
The man and his sword
Retreat - not an option
He bravely pushed forward

Just as the beast
Retired to his den
Borbyu destroyed the entrance
Locking dragon within!

chorus x 3