Created 2004-12-11 / Edited 2005-04-24

== OCaml Genetic Programming Framework ==
One of the greatest strengths of OCaml is in data structure manipulation, which is essentially what makes up a genetic programming framework. Thus OCaml is an excellent choice for such an endevor.

The goal of OGPF is to create a modular framework for building genetic programming systems in OCaml. It is additionally an experiment in modular framework design, making heavy use of Functors. OGPF seeks to be a clean, elegant, and efficient solution to the question "How do I do genetic programming in OCaml?"

If you are interested in using OGPF please [mailto:awwaiid@thelackthereof.org email me] and I'll help you get started. The more people who use the system and contribute components the easier everything will get.
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== Status ==
The framework itself is now functional, but to be useful to others I must still implement some common components. For example, I am now implementing Koza-lisp style genotype (just simple functions and terminals) in a couple different ways; I need to implement a Koza-style population management scheme, and using these reproduce some Koza-style problems (straight from the Genetic Programming books, probably). There are still some modularity issues.

== Plans ==
Other things that this thing needs (long-term stuff):

  • UI for managing runs
  • Statistical analysis of runs
  • Graphs of said statistics
  • History / Geneology in runs (also for analysis)
  • Preemption of runs

== Documentation ==
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