Movie Review

Created 2003-11-16 / Edited 2003-11-16

IMDB: Novocaine

Staring: Steve Martin, Helena Bonham Carter, and Laura Dern

In this movie Dr. Frank Sangster (Steve Martin) is a Dentist gets pulled into a world of lies, sex, drugs, and murder.

This movie sucked. Do not bother to watch it. I've liked just about every Steve Martin movie which I've had the priviledge to watch, but this one was aweful. Not like a Movie Review - House of a Thousand Corpses aweful, but aweful non-the-less. My least favorite part was the intro and screen wipes which all involved x-rays of human skulls and teeth doing live things like eating or putting on makeup. Quite disturbing.

Watch this film if you are a big Steve Martin or Helena Bonham Carter fan who would like to dissalusion yourself about your favorite actor/actress. Beth thinks that this claim is a bit strong, and that this movie isn't much stranger than Movie Review - The Man With Two Brains, but I think that The Man With Two Brains was much better.