Movie Review
Love Actually

Created 2003-11-18 / Edited 2003-11-18

I must admit I went into this movie with a bad attitude. I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to see a movie, and wasn't quite sure if this was the sort of movie I'd like to see even if I did want to see a movie. The thing that scared me the most was the whole "from the makers of Bridget Jone's Diary" thing.

But then I got there and sat down and gave myself a little lecture about how I need to keep an open mind and embrace this movie for all its worth. I did like other movies from the same people, after all. Lights... camera... and then it was horrible for a good 20 minutes. I can't recall exactly what music they chose, but it was killing me (and not softly). Just a bunch of blurry happyness scenes slowly trickling into a disoriented plot. After a while things started to gel a bit and several threads of story began to unfold, some of which were actually interesting.

Eventually the movie got quite enjoyable. There were characters to like and to hate. Laughs, romance, tradgedy. It was great! Well... until the end at least, at which point it started to get sickeningly sweet again, ultimately leaving a bad taste in my mouth consisting of perfect happy romance. One of the stories could have been focused on. There could have been one happy ending. There were, however, at least four sappy happy endings. I don't mind a happy ending, its just that I don't like them all bunched up together one after another after another after... yeah.

My thoughts: watch the middle.