Comments on 2004.07.06

Created 2004-07-09 / Edited 2004-07-09

But I looovveeee TLT. Just get a more "professional" domain, go gmail, or something for those purposes.

Sniffle. I'll cry for TLT and you change domains too damn often! :)

-- mousetrout 2004-07-07 04:39 UTC

Ohmygod someone left a comment! Of course it was mandie, who has done so before. eh.

I won't change domains, will still be the domain and will be a re-direct and short mail address, just like I'm looking for an alias for, not a replacement.

-- awwaiid 2004-07-07 18:18 UTC

Hmmm....I think I like "". At least it sounds cool.

-Chris G.

-- Anonymous 2004-07-09 20:02 UTC