Created 2005-05-11 / Edited 2005-05-11

Arcanejill (or Archanejill) is the Sony Z505JSK which was kindly donated to my by Adam. She has been the most wonderful computer, let alone laptop, which I have had the pleasure to own. I haven't given her enough credit, or even utilized her quite as much as I could perhaps... but damn I'd miss her if she was gone!

Jill runs debian unstable, and has had continuous upgrades since the initial install by Mid. Which means that he dealt with the initial installation and I haven't had to. Now my job is to simply keep Jill going for as long as possible.

Last year ChrisGeanious purchased a new battery for me, and since then I get upwards of 2.5 hours of battery life (it is a 1.5 capacity, so it bulges out a bit on the bottom and is slightly heavier). It was worth every dime and if I had any idea what I was missing I would have purchased it myself.

Recently the sound died. First the speakers and recently the headphone jack too. Just a bit of research and I discovered that this is a mere loose connector which sits to the left of the touchpad. I can even press down in the spot and all sound functionality returns! So soon I will take jill apart (for the second time) to tighten that up and clean out any dust that may have crept in.