Musings of a Software Inventor


(with the help of Erik and Liz at least)

(mp3 file)

Chorus: G D C G / G D CD G
Verse: G*4 C*4 D*2 C*2 G*3

I don't believe in umbrellas,
I don't believe in umbrellas,
Because they don't exist!

My friend had an umbrella,
He opened it indoors,
Next thing he knew
away it flew
and the ceiling fell to the floor!

[chorus] 'cause they don't believe in me!

My friend had an umbrella,
He threw it at my head,
Next thing I knew
It flew right through,
And hit the wall instead!

[chorus] though they believe in me

[horn interlude]

I once bought an umbrella,
From a guy named Stan,
I said "what's the deal?!"
"This thing ain't real!"
And he just turned and ran!

[chorus] though I suppose they might exist


Bonus or alternate verses

What's with those umbrellas?
Are they apparel, or a roof?
They walk the line,
You can't define,
That's just further proof!