Overtone Adventures 1

Created 2013-12-25 / Edited 2015-10-18

Tags: Clojure, Overtone, Music

So I've gone through Overtone Getting Started a few times, and am up and running. Only trick at all is that I already have my own jackd wrapper script to get jack started. Just like the other times that I went through this tutorial, I get to this point and say "now what?"

There are two different directions to explore. I have the REPL working, but it would be nice to be able to execute from a file and also do some interactive editing via Vim (or Emacs I suppose). The other path is to ... you know ... make some music (er... noise).

So I go on a reading spree. Things I learn:

  • There is a neat Cheat Sheet. But I don't know how to work it.
  • Read a bit about Sequencing on the wiki. Learned:
    ** You can grab samples from freesounds, like: (def kick (sample (freesound-path 2086)))
    ** You can then play that with (kick). Fun!
    ** Something that I read before -- you kinda schedule sounds out in the future a bit. Think I saw that on a video
  • The main README references some video tutorials, I'm going to check them out
  • skillsmatter clojurex unpanel
    ** Nice! Shows some dubstep type noise to make during a 20 minute workshop
    ** Mentions here as I've seen elsewhere: definst uses macros to send synths to supercollider, so only a specific set of things are OK in there (not arbitrary expressions)
    ** Shows how to sequence things a bit