Added Darcs RSS Feeds

Created 2007-10-05 / Edited 2007-10-05

I've cleaned up and expanded my RSS feeds a bit. So now I have three main feeds:

The first is a better URL for the feed of this blog. The second is a feed for the whole wiki (I'm probably the only one who cares about that one). The third... that's the fun one!

I took the darcs2rss script from the internets and made some slight modifications. Then I constructed a program that goes through my projects directory and looks for all of the Darcs repositories, generating a feed for each one. As a bonus, it also takes the most recent entries from all the individual projects and creates an ALL feed, which is the third feed above.

So subscribe to that feed and you'll be absurdly informed of what I'm up to, code-wise. For the feed of individual projects, look in On my TODO list is to make the feeds link to an online diff, as that seems like most human-friendly thing to do.