Vegetable Thin Lament

Created 2006-07-19 / Edited 2006-07-19

(as sent to the Nabisco World Website)

Dear Vegetable Thins Creators,

While I very much enjoy your crackers, I do have one thought on the matter. With each box I purchase I await the initial opening with a bit of anxiety. You see, each box is different in its degree of crunchyness. The good boxes, the boxes I am overjoyed to open, contain dark crisp satisfying crackers. The ones that I am not so thrilled about... perhaps not cooked quite so long they contain lightly colored and slightly greasey crackers which seem to get stale faster (perhaps because I don't eat them quickly enough!). I am often tempted to throw them in the oven to finish their cooking process!

So, if there is any choice in the matter, as a customer I implore you to tend towards the dark side!

Beth thinks they are more likely to respond if I send it to them via snail-mail, but we'll soon find out.