Thank God For Backups

Created 2006-04-05 / Edited 2006-04-05

Its a good thing that I do my Unison Backup Setup... because today I need it. I awoke at 5:00AM to the pinging sound my computer makes when I get an email to my INBOX (past spamassasin and not a mailing list). Normally I can't hear the sound, but I must've had my speakers turned up to 11.

Did I say "the sound"? Properly, I should say "the ping ping ping Ping PING PING PING" that kept penetrating deep into my head and driving me INSANE. Thats what I meant.

Dragging myself out of slumber, I lurched into the computer room and stared at my screen. Some sort of harddrive issue had caused my root partition to be remounted as read-only (generally better than writing more and more data to a broken disk). The sound, aparently, comes before an email is successfully written. It plays the sound, tries to write and failes, then decides to try fetching mail again. Oh joy!

So my root drive is screwy. Not sure if it is dead yet, we'll see. For about 15 dreadful minutes I thought maybe I had actually lost my secondary drive, which holds all of my media-data and isn't backed up (because its a bit harder to back up 200 gigs than it is to back up 2 gigs). No problems though.

The fsck on my root drive eliminated random libraries.... I was able to boot all the way into X, which quite surprised me, but after that random things didn't work.