Project Ideas

Created 2016-08-24 / Edited 2016-09-11
  • Get simplecov results from a single test or execution. Create a copy of the codebase where you delete all uncovered code and then reformat the remaining code -- a minimal codebase to do whatever your test needed.
  • Annotate p6 roast and docs so you can have roast coverage metric for docs
  • Create some examples of Inline::Python from p6 that use scipy
  • Look for ways to make Inline::* socially acceptable in p6 land
    ** Especially making it work really really easily
  • Integrate Jupyter protocol into an LREP middleware
  • Implement for rakudo, like binding.pry
  • Use rakudo-js to wrap react
  • Magic workflow (like nREPL, figwheel, reagent, ...) for rakudo
  • Reverse-coverage lookup tool. Given a line of code, list all the tests that cover it
    ** Did a POC of this, collected coverage into elasticsearch. Needs to be formalized and have a standard query so we can do cross-lang and cli interface
    ** Should be able to invoke from the cli or my editor (same thing with vim)
  • Use RNN on source code or revision history. What can we learn?
  • Write a simple Amazon Lambda service to see what it is like
  • Perl 5 and Rakudo plugins for asdf version manager
  • QuickCheck or clojure/spec for Perl 6