Created 2010-11-27 / Edited 2023-03-25

Here you can play all the music I've written or been involved with in one lovely place. Also check out my Music Gear and Setup!

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) License (or maybe CC BY-NC... feel free to ask).

Here are a bunch of songs! Some of these are more proof-of-concept than anything :) . These include both solo efforts and collaborations, follow the links to learn more and maybe get some lyrics.

Wanda Vision Jam (download)
My Little Dog (download)
Livingroom Adventures (download)
Gitmo (download)
Dont Repeat Yourself (download)
Segfault (download)
Frog Prince (download)
It Takes All Sorts
Knit Some Shit (download)
Immortal Crowd (download)
Call On Borbyu (download)
Pi Girl (download)
Umbrellas (download)
Got One Shoe (download)
Hotel Yorba (cover) (download)
I Knew A Girl (download)
Big Brown Spider (download)
Late Blues (download)
Code On My Mind (download)
I Like Caffeine (download)
Zombie Love (download)
Yo Oliver (download)
White Roses (download)
Talking DC Vote Blues
Immaterial Things (download)
SIC (download)
Happiness Blues (download)
Zombie Love (download)
CDOLTM (download)
Groovin (download)
Shaseys (download)
Marie Laveau (Bobby Bare cover) (download)