Created 2010-08-16 / Edited 2010-08-16

For my cs512 class (Advanced Data Mining), I'm re-implementing CloSpan and CISpan, and am going to add to them FloSpan (or whatever I call it). In order to do this, I've built up some common libraries and I'm calling the overall framework 'Caravan'. I've actually started from scratch twice already!

Planned algorithms:

  • PrefixPan - Base algorithm, uses a prefix tree to hold sequential patterns
  • CloSpan - Builds off of PrefixPan, but does Closed Sequential Patterns
  • CISpan - Builds off of CloSpan, but allows a single 'diff' on top of the base data
  • FloSpan - Builds off of CISpan, but uses ideas from IncSpan to allow continuous updates

See Introduction to Frequent Sequential Pattern Mining for some background information on what this is all about, and what it is good for.

The Paper

Since this is an assignment, I'm going to be writing a paper. Someday I'll link to it.

Get The Code

As usual, my code is in darcs, grab it with:

Original, modular version

darcs get

New fancy object-oriented version

darcs get

or from my github mirror. See Contributing for general hacking info.

Use The Code

I should put together an example usage :)


  • Command line interface
    ** Switch to control which algorithm
    ** Input in the standard binary and ascii formats
    ** Output in a human readable format
    ** Output in a machine readable format
  • OCaml library interface
  • C-library interface? Others?
  • Validate CloSpan against the Illimine (C++) implementation
  • Benchmark CloSpan against the Illimine implementation