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From Mike Bennett's WayV page, WayV is...

  1. Experiment with human computer interaction, especially gesture based computing.
  2. Initially some software that does hand writing/gesture recognition. Shapes represent actions and are input via the mouse, i.e. draw a B and the "b" key press is sent to your Xterm, draw a C and xcalc starts, draw an N and Netscape starts, etc.

The main site is at and the current version is 0.3 (released 2003-08-14).


You can get my modifications to this app via:

darcs get

All I've done so far is to slightly improve the directional weight for pattern matching. Before a straight up and a straight down both got a score of 0 (lower is better), and then the "down" score was divided by two since the direction was correct. But 0/2 == 0 ! So I add one and scale a bit.


I'm exploring data input mechanisms for the Openmoko, and ran into this app. It's pretty neat, but there are some things it doesn't do or could do better that I'd like to add. I'm starting with WayV, but might end up starting a different WayV-inspired project.

Things to add:

Things to augment:


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