Various musings of Brock Wilcox (@awwaiid)

The Haiku Game

We pick a random object or topic for the other person to write a haiku.

Ode to Duane (Beth, 2006)

  The Idaho wolf
  tracked down and killed with big guns
  represents sadness

Ode to Duane II (Brock, 2006)

  Solitary tear
  trickle down the snake river
  grey wolf with its cub

Summertime (Beth, 2006)

  sun glaring red dawn
  accross the glistening desert
  summertime has come

Go Board (Brock, 2006)

  intersecting lines
  black white stones dance together
  enemies no more

Bunny (Beth, 2006)

  soft pillow lightness
  bouncing by as life's comic clown
  goodluck paw all love

woozle (Brock, 2006)

  vibrating in fear
  squeal for the touch of the one
  unrequited love

Chai Frappe (Beth, 2006.05.12)

  chai frappe flows down
  the open mouths of fools in big love
  as death waits next door

Vegan cookie wrapper (Brock, 2006.05.12)

  vegan cookie wrap
  earth inside warm and gooey
  outside is earth blood

Whipped Cream (Mandie, 2006.05.13)

  whipped cream is fluffy
  like freshly fallen white snow
  bunny likes sugar


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