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2021.05.09 Meet In The Middle

When I compose a bit of code there tend to be two opposing approaches in my mind -- Top-Down and Bottom-Up. Generally Top-Down starts off as an outline, an overview of the program that I wish I had. Sometimes this is behavior-driven-development, which works well for libraries. I think ... if this library already magically existed, how would I want to interact with it? Then it's sort of this fill in the blank exercise to actually implement it, going down layer by layer until it actually works.

Sometimes I take a Bottom-Up approach. I think, what is a small end thing that can move this forward, or is a reusable tool that I can use to make this problem more tractable? How would I build up a language to express my problem? If I can work out that language then ultimately, hopefully, expressing my problem becomes trivial.

Ultimately though I do a bit of each. I sketch out the problem a layer or two, then I think about what the language, or general modeling, is that I'm using and thinking, then I codify that a bit, and then I stitch it all together.


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