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2013.12.23 Overtone Adventures 2

Today I'm watching Overtone and ClojureScript which is a coding session of someone setting up an web UI to play Overtone stuff. Building a UI like this reminds me of the one-string guitar that I got at an art festival the other day. Clearly home-made, including an energy drink as the echo chamber. And very awesome. Also fun to see someone iterate through their development. Lots of interesting things in there, most of them I can read more or less but doesn't mean I could write them. One thing I noticed was (:use ...) to pull in instrument libs. I'll try that.

The Cheat Sheet is interesting, but I don't know enough to actually use a lot of the things on there. Current mission is to get the instruments working.

Ah! I need to do (use 'overtone.inst.piano) not (:use overtone.inst.piano).

(defn play-song [metro beat-num notes]
  (map-indexed (fn [index n]
    (at (metro (+ index beat-num)) (piano :note (note n)))
  ) notes)


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