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2008.07.08 Walkabout

Some of my family came to visit this weekend, and we did a bunch of sight-seeing. Here are the distance estimates, this is definitely a lower-bound of the amount we walked. I tried to include walks that I know everyone did, and left off a bunch of random trips to the store. Distances are in miles.

Day 1 - Zoo and Fireworks

TOTAL: 7.14

Day 2 - Smithsonian and Folk Festival

TOTAL: 3.6

Day 3 - National Cathedral and Arlington Cemetary

TOTAL: 1.96

Day 4 - Library of Congress and Memorials

TOTAL: 4.2

GRAND TOTAL: 16.9 miles

I'm guessing that adding in more detail could easily add another mile or more. In the end I bet we walked about 20 miles in all. When you trade a car for your feet, make sure you have good shoes!


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