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Created 2005-02-06 / Edited 2005-02-06

If you attempt to edit the pages of this wiki, you must answer a question before the save will be processed. Why is this, you ask? I'll tell you. Robots and underpaid chinamen. Thats why.

It all comes down to content control -- specifically the desire to eliminate SPAM. For quite a while, and increasingly, I was getting junk put onto this site. Most of it was in japanese or chinese, so I couldn't actually read it... but the nonsensical nature and the links to porn make it obvious. I didn't want this stuff on my site so I began to contemplate getting rid of it in a permanent manner.

The most common way to deal with this in the wiki world is the introduction of Banned Content. Its easy, you create a page or a file with a list of things which cannot appear on any wiki page. Then, when you get spammed, you grab the links or text they put on your page, ban it all, and you can never get that spam again. Lately some sites have taken it a step further by sharing their banned-content lists, so that the spam gets blocked on the whole group of wikis.