Created 2005-01-04 / Edited 2016-01-22

For a raw directory view of my projects, see the [TLT:projects/ projects directory]. The raw view is sorted roughly by language... but it is difficult from the direct listings to figure out which projects are worth looking at. Thus I present here a list of programming-related projects, and the tools and languages I might use to create them.

== Current Projects ==
If you were to ask me what I'm working on right now, I might say one of these.

== Backburner ==
If you had asked me what I was working on last week, or if you ask me next week, I might mention one of these.

  • Mizik - A game of memory, sound, shape

== Inactive ==
I probably won't be doing much with these. This ''could'' mean that they are in a fairly completed state. It could also mean that they are abandoned. But feel free to ask me about them anyway!